IOS/Android Apps You Should Have

androidThere are many apps available which make the life easy and the apps are not only for adults, many are available for the kids which they can enjoy in their free time. Given below is the list of some useful apps from which the Android mobile users can get the benefit in daily life routine.

  • ChopChop

It is a great app that assists a person if he/she has invited the friends or relatives to a party, it also makes the sending invitation easy and an individual also gets the opportunity to share the dishes with the invited guests. It works great as a kitchen assistant and helps in the preparation of the chosen dishes.

  • Lifesum:

It is an outstanding app which assists in developing the good habits; it also helps in improving the health by encouraging. The healthy meals and the eatables are suggested, it is great to achieve the set goals.

  • Khan Academy:

There are many educational apps also which help the students in understanding different concepts of physics and chemistry. The videos assist the students in learning everything related to their selected subjects, the students can find the details and topics of almost every subject.

  • PhotoDirector:

It is a app for the folks who love to make selfies and then edit them; there are a large number of tools that assist in making the desired changes in the images. This app makes editing easy and eliminates the requirement of a professional picture editor.

  • Pigment:

It is best for the individuals who love coloring books and is a great way of releasing the stress by enjoying it in the leisure time. There are many innovative and appealing designs in the app which a person can make more attractive by filling colors.

It is a fantastic app for connecting the handset with the tablet; it is a great wireless tool for transferring the files. It also makes the users able to share the mobile’s screen with the laptop. The individuals who have made efforts in developing this app make the sharing and maintenance of the handset easy.

  • AMA:

It is for those individuals who love to know about the celebrities they like as they can see the interviews of their favorite celebrities whenever they desire. The app users can also ask the questions from the celebrities and the questions can be asked from the prominent figures in any field.

This app is a unique one as it provides a chance to the users to earn the points and then use them to purchase the apps which are not free. The appnana users can also get the gift cards by collecting the points; the individuals can play the paid games from the points. Playing the game and using the appnana for a specific amount of time, which is the way to gather the points. By installing this app, the users get many new apps to enjoy and one can easily turn the collected points into cash.


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